Failed Ariel Inspired Look

I was planning to have Ariel Little Mermaid color look. It should be teal-purple-red, but it seems the color doesn’t really so “Ariel” on me.The purple is not purple enough, it’s more red-violet maybe? And hey! My top and my bag actually not blue, but teal. I hate indoor lighting. But if I’m not inspired of Ariel today, probably I don’t dare to create this outfit. So I forgive myself. LOL.

I don’t wear any makeup, just because i feel my face kinda glowy from the within today. (do not rolling your eyes!) So I prefer go with my bare-faced! :D


  • Top : Forever21
  • Shorts : Unbranded, i bought it at Taiwan
  • Bag : Coach
  • Sandals : Burberry
  • Accesorries : Forever21

For your reference, I put Ariel Little Mermaid in this post.




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