Scheduling blog posts, yay or nay?

Maybe this post will only be read by another blogger, because if you’re not, I don’t think you’ll care of this thing. You just randomly open the blog, and hope the author update a new post. But, if you’re not a blogger and still want to continue to read, I just want to say: start to make a blog! :)

In this post, I’m not talking about news blog or blog that made for business. Because if  you had made money from your blog, you definitely have to maintain your posts. So, end of discussion.

I’m talking about personal blog. Actually, I don’t want to be called as a blogger, it’s really intimidating for me. As you know, if I bake a cake, that doesn’t make me a baker. If I take a picture, that doesn’t make me a photographer, or the most obvious, if I sing, that doesn’t make me a singer. I think you already got my point right? So from now on, blogger means people-who-writing-something-on-the-blog-and-publish-it. Better? I don’t want another professional blogger spit on me. :p

Back to the topic. Is scheduling blog posts important for personal blog?

I already give you a clue about my history in the “About” page. I already had several blogs that I’ve written, but it didn’t going well. My personal blog (not for the selling purpose) only lasted less than 10 posts, and the worst I lost all the database of my past blog. But I take the positive side; I can make a fresh new start.

Based on my past experience, I don’t schedule my blog posts. (Oh well, it only worked for a month, so how can I scheduled my posts anyway?) But I read on how to be an active blogger, most of them said you should have a day on a week when your reader is waiting for your posts. Of course I don’t think that’s a bad idea, but that just make me thinking, does is essential for personal blog? Or the most important, does it necessary for me?

I know to answer that question is based on your purpose to make a blog. I’m thinking and thinking right now, what is my purpose to have a blog? And the answer is to express myself. So the future me will see how far I grow up, and how was the past me doing?

And believe it or not, I seriously thinking about it at first, I don’t have any clue for my answer, and then I almost make several posts, and schedule it. Because you know, if you just start something, you’ll be on fire! But after this discussion with myself, I’m sure I don’t want to schedule my posts! I’ll let myself to publish a post as soon as I finish it.

Case Closed! haha.. But please tell me what you think on the comment below :)

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