The Reality of Relationship

I never plan to have a flawless boyfriend, or marry a perfect husband. The reason is because they’re not exist, and even though they’re exist, I don’t think I deserve with him, or if he’s insist to be with me, I just don’t think it going to works. I’ll get much pressure here and there. So having a perfect partner is not in my agenda.

I ever had a bad relationship, I was so lost back then. I knew he’s not the right person, but he was really nice to me. We just be together until I was too tired to continue the journey. We broke up.

And I met him. He wasn’t all I expected to be my partner of life. In some ways, we are so much alike, but we’re totally having so manyyy different things. But here we are. We’ve been through thick and thin. We never tired to be together. We can’t miss a day without talking with each other.

And I know, he’s the one.

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