Life Guide #1 : Live in the present


I spend too much time to think about my past and worry about my future. It’s really killing me. I can’t control myself not to do it.

I’ve been through so many crappy things, and I had so many mistakes that I regret. I know there’s nothing we can do about the past, I should deal with it. It’s already done, the moment can’t back, and we can’t change anything. We have  to accept and know what happened in the past that makes me in the present.

I’m also really anxious about the future. It’s scary not knowing something you will go through. I always wonder what will happen tomorrow, next month, next year or for next 10 years. And the worst, I’ve spent my entire life to think about death. What will happen next? How it feel to be dead? Is there afterlife? Or just nothing? I’m not really a religious person, so I’m not really sure about heaven and hell. I know it’s crazy too thinking too much about something haven’t happen yet or will never happen.

So I have to learn how to live in the moment. I should have a closure with my past, hope and prepare for the future. Because I don’t want the future me disappoint with the present me for not enjoying the moment.

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