Hi there, just call me Sheylla, without doubt. It pronounce Sheyl-la or Shey-lla, or maybe the most simple is Shel-la. Just pick which one is more comfortable for you. I know the spelling of my name is a bit weird, the more familiar one is Sheila, so just blame my father, he is the one who responsible :p. But whatever, i’m glad to be named Sheylla.

Actually it’s not my very first blog, i already got long-run blog named creamymilk.com, but i combined it with my online store, so it got so messy and i decided to move to forum form, but both not active right now anyway. So here it is, another new start, because, i have sooo manyyy attempt to start a new blog, but it only have less than 10 posts and i stopped it. I hate myself too. In some way I get to ambitious, but in other way, I’m really bad at commitment. I know.. I know.. But hey, i just remembered, the last blog i had, justcreamy.com not existed anymore because the webmaster lost the database. That’s not my fault right?! HAHA *evil laugh* Because all the bad things happened, I think the best way to make this blog still going on is just keep it simple, so I use the standart wordpress blog and let them to do the job. I’m getting tired manage so many domain.

Since it’s my blog, it will be everything going in my life (of course) so if you don’t like me, i have a simple tips for you : don’t open my blog. So easy, but maybe so hard for you if you really hate me that much. Maybe you love to find my flaw so you have a reason to hate me more, or feeling better for yourself, but again i’m glad if that happens. At least, there’s something I can help for you. How cool is that? :) So my blog is gonna be all about beauty, fashion, travel, food and travel. Or maybe a bit rambling of life.

Another thing, I don’t like photoshoped photos. So all the pictures on my blog will be unedited, unless for the brighteness or maybe crop if it necessary. Or IF I edited my photos, I’ll give you some notes so you don’t expect more from me. But in my opinion photoshop a picture really comsume time and I don’t have a good skill, so for your safety, I’m gonna give you advance warning : in some occasion, you will see pimples, scar, or yuckie fats that will hurt your eyes. Just unabled the images if it really annoyed you. Oh well, I don’t know why I should go this far to explaining my bad photos and my lazy-ass. :p

If you read my post, pleaseee don’t hesitate to leave a comment, I’ll be more than happy to read them, and don’t be shy to subscribe my blog, follow me on twitter & instagram. Let’s be friend! I promise I’m not gonna bite you!



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