NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream


I really curious about this products because everytime I restock this products, they always sold out in several days!

It isn’t really a lipstick or lipgloss. That makes it so special. It has a brush wand that can make the application goes smoothly. It creates matte look for your lips but doesn’t make it looks dry because it’s so creamy. They have great color of selection too!



  • Highly pigmented, what you see on the packaging is what you get.
  • Doesn’t have annoying smell
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t last trough the day
  • Sometimes it will be a bit clumpy

Antwerp – London – Sao Paulo – Stockholm – Amsterdam

2014-02-03 19.35.39

Antwerp – coral


London – beige nude


Sao Paulo – dark pinkish red


Stockholm – pinkish nude


Amsterdam – red


ps. i’m sorry for the messiness, I rub my lips for several times, so yeah it happened.

Make Up For Ever Lift Concealer

For your information, this is the to go concealer for kim kardashian’s infamous contouring face!


  • Brightening my eyes
  • Stays on all day
  • Doesn’t crease
  • I wonder how 15 ml can be this large amount of product?
  • The squeeze tube really efficient and hygienic!


  • A bit hard to blend
  • Doesn’t conceal dark spot / blemish

Note : I use shade Natural Beige 3


MAC Select Cover-Up vs MAC Select Moisturecover



  • Both has same shade (NC30) but the Moisturecover much more yellowish than the cover-up.
  • MAC Select Moisturecover have wand applicator, while the MAC Select Cover-Up is a squeze tube.


  • Has a Creamy liquid liquid formula
  • Lightweight but nice coverage
  • Perfect for daily uses
  • Stays on all day
  • Lightly conceal the imperfections on skin
  • Doesn’t dry my skin
  • Not cakey, perfectly blendable and makes you face looks flawless
  • You can worn alone without any foundation / loose powder
  • Overall, I love both of these concealers!!


  • Doesn’t really hide active acne
  • The MAC Cover-up sometimes lets out way too much when you squeeze
  • The MAC Select Moisturecover seems not so hygienic for a long time uses.


Product Review : Benefit Benetint, Posietint & Cha Cha Tint

Most of the people love to use these products on their cheeks, but I prefer to use it on my lips.


This a very classic Benefit products. I think it has a beautiful hint of rosey red  if you applied it on cheeks. The consistency a bit runny, so you don’t have to worry it’s going to be bloody red!


The formula is a bit thicker than the others. You really need to blend it fast because it left darker stain where the original application was placed, but the color made your face looks fresh.


I never be a fan of pink color for makeup, and this one is the pinky color I always avoid. Too pink, too bright, too dolly, and too barbie. I know it will never look good on me. Maybe it’s just me, but I hope the pink color a bit softer / warmer.


How to use?

  • The packaging is similar to nail polish, so you dont have to use other brush.
  • Brush three strokes on apples of cheeks and blend quickly with fingertips
  • It dries quickly, so you really have to blend it really fast before it stains to your skin and left harsh strokes/dots.


  • Long lasting
  • Great for daytime.
  • Perfect for vacation to the beach


  • Drying my skin, I need moisturized my lips/ skin before I use it.
  • I found it has weird taste if you use it on the lips.
  • It will stain on your skin if you doesn’t blend it quickly


Product Review : Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit

My skin is really sensitive, it can easily getting red. But amazingly, this product is really gentle, it doesn’t burn my skin, and I don’t even saw redness on my skin after using this.

This product is really easy to use if you already know how to do it properly. At the first time maybe it will be troublesome or confusing. You need to read the instruction several times. And I meant it.

I already used for 3 times and the texture of the wax still the same even though it has been microwaved and melted twice.

How to use?

  • Place the glass in a microwave and heat in in 30 seconds interval. You may be need about 9 – 10 times to make the right consistency
  • Cleanse the area with Super Skin Cleanser on a cotton pad.
  • Blot with clean tissue
  • Massage a few drops of Waxing oil into the skin
  • Blot until it doesn’t have excess oil
  • Apply the wax with spatula
  • When you ready to remove the wax, press down until it not sticky into your hand
  • Pull against the hair growth and pull it very fast.
  • Cleanse the area with Super Skin Cleanser


  • Not so painful
  • Very simple, only need to heated it
  • Doesn’t take long time to do it
  • Doesn’t need cloth strips.
  • The texture on the glass doesn’t change after several times using it


  • Can be a little messy
  • The wax only half full of the glass


Product Review : MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15


  • Great coverage without feel like using a mask
  • It can cover my redness face
  • Stays all day, I don’t have to retouch it
  • Matte finish
  • Not much oxidation


  • It doesn’t come with pump, I don’t like spend more money on seperate pump
  • A bit enlarged my pores around T-zone
  • A bit cakey on my T-zone, but in other area my skin looks so flawless, i consider to wear 2 different foundation.
  • Maybe it’s not important, but it really bothers me, the cap is kinda velvety than makes it dirty looking if you doesn’t wipe after using it.



Product Review : Benefit High Beam


What is it?

  • If you look from outside the bottle, the color is soft pink with lot of shimmer, but don’t worry, it will look transparent with a bit hint of pink when you applied it on your face.
  • It will naturally makes your face looks glowy and healthy and perfect for daily uses.

How to use it?

  • Using this product is really easy, only need a few dots then swipe it into the browbones / cheekbones / down the bridge of my nose (ssttt… your nose will look more sharp and define!)


  • The texture is just right, a bit thick but creamy, and that make it more last longer than powder highlighter, but you don’t have to worry it looks fake, it will blend so easily on your skin.
  • The packaging is similar to nail polish bottle, so you don’t have to pour it into your hand.
  • I think High Beam is really worth for the price, because it lasts forever!


  • I’m a bit worry about the sanitary, because you use the brush directly on your skin, then put back the brush into the bottle. So far, i don’t have any problem at my skin after using this product, but I don’t think I will let somebody borrow because of that matter. So I don’t think buy preloved High Beam is good idea.


I tried my best to show the glowy effect on this photo, but I don’t think it worked. My bad. But believe me, It looks nice in real life!