New Year Flashback

Gw ini orang yang selalu anggep New Year itu bener2 tahun yang baru, saat yang paling tepat untuk memulai sesuatu yang baru. Dari berapa taon lalu yah dari bulan2 sebelomnya uda ngerencanain resolusi apa buat taon berikutnya. Padahal yah resolusi di taon itu aja belom terlaksana. Duh.

Di taon ini ga bikin resolusi apapun di malem taon baru. Gw pikir yah pake resolusi taon sebelomnya aja deh. Tapi setelah bangun, baru deh bikin 2 resolusi simple, yaitu :
1. Do whatever makes me happy
2. Try something different
Karena apabila nomer 1 itu dilaksanakan, maka hidup juga jadi lebih menyenangkan. Dan kalo yang nomer 2 itu karena berasa udah cukup tua dan time is ticking!! Kalo lakuin hal yang sama terus menerus kita ga bakal tau kalo ada better option. Karena selama ini gw selalu ada di zona nyaman. Dalam hal apapun. Jadi yah mending nyesel karena sudah dicoba dan tidak cocok daripada tuanya nyesel karena gak pernah nyoba apapun.

Oh iya mau flashback ah taon2 lalu ngapain aja sih selama malem taon baru.
2014 : di Hong Kong
Karena malem taon baru hotel ajubileh mahalnya, dan perginya pun dadakan banget, jadinya dapet hotel yang jauh banget dari keramaian. Sempet rencana mau ke tsim sha tsui buat liat fireworks, tapi males kesitunya karena jauhhh dan masih ada trauma sedikit sama pengalaman pas di SG, jadi yah di hotel aja deh liat live nya di TV. :))

2013 : di SG
Ini sebenernya cuma transit doang, tujuannya ke bangkok. Tapi emang sengaja mau rayain malem taon baru di MBS. Seumur idup emang belum pernah ngerayain taon baru di tengah2 kerumuman orang banyak gitu. Dann ternyataa… cukup menyesal sih. Capenya gak sebanding banget sama apa yang diperjuangin. Itu gw harus nunggu dari jem 7an karena kan ga sewa hotel, soalnya pagi2nya uda terbang lagi ke bangkok. Jadi yah diem2 aja deh tuh di MBS, udah mana semua cafe rata2 full dan banyakan sih harus udah booking in advance. Pas jem 11an keluar cari2 spot buat liat fireworksnya. Akhirnya pas jem 12 kurang dikit ada countdown dan abis itu fireworksnya mungkin berlangsung sekitar 5-10 menit. Bagus banget sih fireworksnya. Trus abis kelar langsung dong buru2 cari jalan keluar takut kelamaan ngantrinya kalo kita gak buru2. Keluar dari situ lumayan jauh dan cari taxi juga susah banget. Yah cukup deh ngerasain kayak gini sekali seumur idup.

(credited to CM Chen at youtube)

2012 : di Plaza Indonesia
Karena bingung gatau mau kemana, jadinya ke corks and screw buat minum cocktail.

2011 : di Plasa Senayan
Daripada bengong di rumah, taon itu pegi makan di marche yang pada saat itu belom lama buka. Pas jem 12 orang2 sekitar pada tiup terompet.

2010 : di Italy
Ini pas lagi ikut tour ke eropa. Gak ada perayaan khusus, karena kalo hotel tour kan biasa jauh kemana2.

2009 : di Jepang
Sama kayak diatas, karena ikut tour, jauh kemana2.

Kalo 2008 kebawah sih gausah dibahas deh, banyakan yah bikin resolusi aja dirumah sambil ngayal masa depan.

Untuk taon ini BBQ di rumah si koko dan malemnya diajak liat fireworks di loteng rumah bareng bokap. Mayan deh liat fireworks gratis tinggal naek doang.

Baiklah, sekian flashbacknya. Semoga resolusi2 yang udah tenggelem bisa terwujud di taon ini. *komat kamit*


March challenge

Wake up early

Doesn’t have to start everything at first day of the month / week

Doing something not so necessary just once a day (ie. Twitter / instagram)

Exercise 3 times a week

Eat fruit and veggie everyday

Lost 1kg

No instant noodle, no junk food

Less fried food, less sugar

Life Guide #1 : Live in the present


I spend too much time to think about my past and worry about my future. It’s really killing me. I can’t control myself not to do it.

I’ve been through so many crappy things, and I had so many mistakes that I regret. I know there’s nothing we can do about the past, I should deal with it. It’s already done, the moment can’t back, and we can’t change anything. We have  to accept and know what happened in the past that makes me in the present.

I’m also really anxious about the future. It’s scary not knowing something you will go through. I always wonder what will happen tomorrow, next month, next year or for next 10 years. And the worst, I’ve spent my entire life to think about death. What will happen next? How it feel to be dead? Is there afterlife? Or just nothing? I’m not really a religious person, so I’m not really sure about heaven and hell. I know it’s crazy too thinking too much about something haven’t happen yet or will never happen.

So I have to learn how to live in the moment. I should have a closure with my past, hope and prepare for the future. Because I don’t want the future me disappoint with the present me for not enjoying the moment.

The Reality of Relationship

I never plan to have a flawless boyfriend, or marry a perfect husband. The reason is because they’re not exist, and even though they’re exist, I don’t think I deserve with him, or if he’s insist to be with me, I just don’t think it going to works. I’ll get much pressure here and there. So having a perfect partner is not in my agenda.

I ever had a bad relationship, I was so lost back then. I knew he’s not the right person, but he was really nice to me. We just be together until I was too tired to continue the journey. We broke up.

And I met him. He wasn’t all I expected to be my partner of life. In some ways, we are so much alike, but we’re totally having so manyyy different things. But here we are. We’ve been through thick and thin. We never tired to be together. We can’t miss a day without talking with each other.

And I know, he’s the one.

Organized Home

We’re not talking about cleaning the house (such as mopping, washing, etc), but organize things and get rid of mess.

Here some tips for you (and me)

  • Spend 20 minutes every day

20 minutes maybe can’t fix everything, but schedule a whole day just for organize the house doesn’t seem a good idea; you’ll just want to finish the duty quickly without pay attention to the details.

  • Create “Maybe” box

There always be something we don’t use anymore, but we don’t want to get rid of them. You would think to use it someday, but it never happens. So just put that things in the “Maybe” box, write down the date you put that things, and someday you’ll realize, you really don’t need them. If you didn’t use or even touch it for a year, why would you bother to save it?

  • Collect the papers

We are talking about receipt, warranty, brochure, paperwork, or anything. If you designed a spot for the papers, it would be easier to us if we need them someday. Sort them into the envelopes, and put a label on it. It would be better if you scan it, so you have a digital backup, and you can easily throw them away if it’s not really important.

  • Designed an area

Keys, wallet, cellphones, tablets, etc should be in the same place, so you don’t have to search them when you need.


Scheduling blog posts, yay or nay?

Maybe this post will only be read by another blogger, because if you’re not, I don’t think you’ll care of this thing. You just randomly open the blog, and hope the author update a new post. But, if you’re not a blogger and still want to continue to read, I just want to say: start to make a blog! :)

In this post, I’m not talking about news blog or blog that made for business. Because if  you had made money from your blog, you definitely have to maintain your posts. So, end of discussion.

I’m talking about personal blog. Actually, I don’t want to be called as a blogger, it’s really intimidating for me. As you know, if I bake a cake, that doesn’t make me a baker. If I take a picture, that doesn’t make me a photographer, or the most obvious, if I sing, that doesn’t make me a singer. I think you already got my point right? So from now on, blogger means people-who-writing-something-on-the-blog-and-publish-it. Better? I don’t want another professional blogger spit on me. :p

Back to the topic. Is scheduling blog posts important for personal blog?

I already give you a clue about my history in the “About” page. I already had several blogs that I’ve written, but it didn’t going well. My personal blog (not for the selling purpose) only lasted less than 10 posts, and the worst I lost all the database of my past blog. But I take the positive side; I can make a fresh new start.

Based on my past experience, I don’t schedule my blog posts. (Oh well, it only worked for a month, so how can I scheduled my posts anyway?) But I read on how to be an active blogger, most of them said you should have a day on a week when your reader is waiting for your posts. Of course I don’t think that’s a bad idea, but that just make me thinking, does is essential for personal blog? Or the most important, does it necessary for me?

I know to answer that question is based on your purpose to make a blog. I’m thinking and thinking right now, what is my purpose to have a blog? And the answer is to express myself. So the future me will see how far I grow up, and how was the past me doing?

And believe it or not, I seriously thinking about it at first, I don’t have any clue for my answer, and then I almost make several posts, and schedule it. Because you know, if you just start something, you’ll be on fire! But after this discussion with myself, I’m sure I don’t want to schedule my posts! I’ll let myself to publish a post as soon as I finish it.

Case Closed! haha.. But please tell me what you think on the comment below :)